Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Friendships (Accquaintances would be a better name)

(Whats written below was 1st impression , but it changed totally abt everyone except one-Changed for the better and we ended up great frnds & I ended up having a great time with this set of chattambhis)

Edits later (if not penned now -will never do , however raw the idea) I have no idea why I am taking to writing my incoherent thoughts again and what exactly I intend to write or rather of all the things that’s happening - why this. Something just as raw as its happening. The funny realization is that in some ways I have not changed one bit from my old self. Someone who takes things raw as it happens and takes them seriously afterwards if not then.
I am 27, unsettled and living my carefree life (So long as it lasts). I never thought I would get to make friends /acquaintances as a group again but here I am again after a long spell. I am in one of my nomadic expeditions. This time around I am not alone. I have a friend I know in this city and I am glad about that because at least its better than being totally alone. This friend of mine is 2 years my junior (Mallu) my ex-colleague (L&T) pursuing his MS. Well so that’s where my introduction to a students gang comes into picture. Mallu gang – A set of juniors. Well so whats up, thats so new. Well as a matter of fact, for me, its just what I feel when I spend time with them.
Person 1 - Day one of meeting was cold and pretty formal much as I tried to make a conversation (as I always do during 1st introductions). A pass out from SCT Trivandrum. His slang gives him away as a TYP. The edge of his lips tweaked to form a curve to resemble a smile. We all sat down in front of the TV with the sound system breaking my nerves. Again the conversation I tried to make did not have much effect. He has a sister who is married and lives in this country. He is a skeleton , pretty dark on the complexion side a nocturnal creature with his brains in the right place. Beer doesn’t have any effect on him and per him its just gas water which is instrumental is making one pee all the time and render an “unni vayaru” by not serving the purpose of giving the much sought “kick”. So when forced he drinks and when he drinks he curses the drink for failing to do its duty. It seems his friend got sidelined one time by a madaama because of him. Despite his looks, it seems two young beautiful girls preferred him to another saying- I don’t know about you but “He cracks me up”. What more does any guy want in his pursuit to get noticed.Well he definitely did not go looking for it but ended getting one all the same. Its funny that when conversations are being made he listens with intenserapture and I have heard him ask “Thannede” and how can it happen that way ennokke. He listens but when he spits out comments its with his slang .

Person 2 – A tall , skeleton modeled person with a hunch back.Has Ajay devgans eyes. He largely resembles a jr I had in GEC. Well this character surprises me every time for he is not to be taken by his looks.I do not mean it in any bad way, but when I look at him he personifies an angel. Soft spoken and a paavam….but it seems he is definitely now what his looks speak of him. His drinks with a passion to prove that he is not what he seems. And in Duffs where we went to have Buffalo wings , his vaayinottam and commenting on the structure or built of a lady proved he is no angel but a normal boy. He has a singsong slang ,an attribute of the place he comes from and is pleasing to the ears(at least it is to mine). A gentle guy with wits in the right place. Gels as per the occasions needs. As per him he is a Gentleman when he reaches home (as most of them boys I know-Angels in the eyes of their momsJ )
Person 3 - From TVM. Again an SCT product . Notorious in my eyes and the reason for me to set about writing this column. It is later in the story that I got to hear from someone I knew that he was considered a bhooloka Kozhi. Well much as I cudnt figure out the exact word to describe his character and frame it well then ,I am glad that at least now I know the simplest word to describe him. A “kozhi” , as simple as that. Its easy to spot one. Their eyes and looks gives them away without their knowledge. While conversing it was understood that he went to tuitions with my youngest sister. Everyone of them who were introduced to me gave pretty decent looks, looks that’s radiated when friends are being introduced. So he is one of the central figures that made me think and disturbed me at the same time. I disliked his looks from the very beginning. I really felt naked in front of him or rather I felt there was something way beyond decent thoughts in the looks that he emitted. He took to drinking easily and got himself drunk and as rightly put by him , acted to a scale of 9 when it only deserved a 4. Every peg he took was to take him to a level that could cover him up for anything he did or spoke. I wonder what’s the heroism attached to drinking. Now what did I dislike about this one character. He made it sound that the female gender was more or less just a commodity to flirt with. To me, he characterized the image of a starving youth and whose starvation was physical & sexual. He talked of notions that made me smile internally but were I to ever respond to any of those notions, I am sure I would be ridiculed for not being a Sport or for being a feminist. Couldn’t find a trace of innocence and he would be the last guy I would ever recommend to anyone. I would say this is acceptable behavior when a guy is 22, but much less accepted @ 24. Maybe he will be different when he enters the professional world. That’s where most of the guys matures out and grows up. Till then he is among my least favorite. Well having reached this point into my writing , I think I am the immature one for having felt offended by his looks. Well the case is dismissed. (Well now I understand why I like to write when I am disturbed……A better perspective dawns and I get to see and understand things much better J )
Person 4 - I liked this specific fellow being a lot. PC Thomas product, REC Trichy, Industrial. Son of PWD Engineer & HOD Civil Prof (MAC) and brother to an EC (MAC) product working in GE (Blore) and married to GE Blore ian. He is the product of the union of the 1st & 2nd rank holders (MAC –Civil). The love marriage was a “sambhavam” at those times and sister followed suit to marry an eligible colleague. A poster size tattoo (Cross and some flying bird) adorns his back. Owner of a real smart car and a sound system that drains the car off its battery. A plump boy ,an innocent smile which makes it seem that he is still in his late teens, a white shaded specs adorns his lively eyes , his eyes speaks a lot and sparkles with energy. Smarty pants wouldn’t miss a chance at passing comment for every action of speech of ours. He is a tharikida , the man behind the introduction of daily dips in alcohol. There is a halo above & thick cloud of smoke around him all the time (understand the exaggeration). He is the kind of man who runs the show with grace with others following without minding/realizing it . He is loud, he is bossy (in a kind way), he is a neat freak and the day he landed back from India, he set about the house to clean it with Harpic J and a broom. The broomstick on which he flies is that which drives his roomies to sit on their backs and set about getting things into order in the otherwise messed up place. He is the money manager. I get introduced to him and what I see of him is entering the bills in his laptop and sending out the message to his roomies. In spite of all the thrash talk and behavior there is something about him that’s pleasing and lovable. I think its innocence in a different way. A kuttitham ( Continueed-----------------------)

Person 5 - My link to these characters is a sweet person (as all other good frnds of mine). The only sad thing is poor thing would not drink with the rest because I am there (inspite of me & him knowing what he is ). This situation makes my spending time with this new set of people a problem. Half the crowd cannot stand the fact that he is not joinin in. I feel bad becoz I am the reason for him abstaining on my behalf. It takes him a lot of blushing to stand up to the crowd. conti-----Person 6 ---" Entharade ithellam..Arinjalla ninaakku puthiya pennallem kittiyennu """ (read it with the tvm slang in mind)---continued